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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hand & Body Lotion - clears the thirst of the skin

If you are alive, healthy skin, you feel better. Your skin is a living, breathing organ and should be well maintained. As we age cell renewal slows and the skin begins to dry. Visit the old remedies of nature, plants and vegetables, ingredients, if you are looking for a quality product and personalized service. Applying moisturizer for hands and skin care of their elasticity and prevent premature aging of the skin. Some of the skinButter and nourishing oils, hand and body lotion are as follows:

• The Shea Butter: Forms a breathable, waterproof membrane and a leader in natural product moisture. Natural shea butter contains high amounts of vitamin A and E help repair skin damage. Shea butter is widely used to protect the skin against UV rays and skin softening and healing cracked and ancient known. It also provides some reliefitchy skin. Find natural shea butter ingredients, or use a natural filter to remove contaminants in the plant world is not refined shea butter is generally good. Refining, shea butter that is lighter and a nutty flavor or smoke. If you read the label the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) name, see Butyrospermum Parkin.

Vegetable Glycerin

· Cocoa Butter: A soothingComponents, reduces dryness and improves skin elasticity. Cocoa butter is a yellow vegetable fat most often used to soften the skin. These solid "at room temperature, but melts on contact with skin. The production of cocoa and cocoa butter in chocolate. E 'is known to prevent and reduce stretch marks, protect dry, chapped skin, helps skin Clearly irritated treatment wrinkles on the neck, mouth and grains, and adds a firming agent in skin careProducts. INCI name for Cocoa Butter Theobroma cacao.

Hand & Body Lotion - clears the thirst of the skin

· Oil Sunflower: Vitamin E provides over other vegetable oils and vitamins A and "smoothing property and hand creams and skin absorbs light, a great herbal oil massage very old. It softens and moisturizes the skin and recommended for dry, damaged skin and annual. INCI name for sunflower, HelianthusAnnuus.

• Jojoba (pronounced Ho Ho Ba), olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and almond oil with a hand cream and body bonus. Each has its own characteristics, which are positive on the skin. Jojoba oil is especially good for mature skin, while grapeseed oil is often recommended for oily skin and acne. Avocado oil penetrates the skin easily and is suitable for most of the skin with almond oil.

Other ingredients to note:

· Vegetable Glycerin: It skincare properties, which softens and soothes the skin. It is hygroscopic, which means it attracts moisture from the air, and supports the epidermis layer of skin to bind moisture to the outside. Mixtures of animal or vegetable . Rather, coconut oil, or glycerin from vegetable oils, palm oil. INCI name glycerin> Glycerol.

Emulsifying · Wax: If you have ever had a bottle of cream that can be purchased because of the amount absence or inadequacy of an emulsifier. hair care products in the oil and water, which was not an easy task. The addition of an emulsifier are connected to the oil and water, and a thickener. And creams for at least six different types of emulsifiers can be added, but I prefer vegetable emulsifierCera. Emulsifying wax oils, vegetable or mineral, so it is possible to buy the cream of the person seeking an application or oil platforms. INCI name for Emulsifying Wax NF, or emulsifying wax, Cetearyl Alcohol & Ceteareth 20th

Stearic · (Palm): Like Emulsifying wax stearic acid used as a thickener emulsify, bind, and stabilize lotions and body. Stearic acid is found naturally in animal fats and vegetable, butthrough hydrogenation to convert the final product. I prefer the stearic acid to 100% Palm derived, and substances added, emulsifiers or other means. The INCI name for stearic acid, stearic acid.

· Extracts of rosemary oil (ROE): Acts as a natural antioxidant, a natural preservative that reduces the rate of oxidation in oils that oxidize quickly and extends the life of the lotion. Natural materials, such as ROE shows antimicrobialActivities, but are generally not sufficient for his need for extra protection, and a broad-spectrum conservative. The INCI name of RE, Rosemary officinalis (rosemary) extract.

· Cosmocil CQ Optiphen: Some lotions and body butter contains no water, but most of the liquid and water-based preservatives to prevent bacterial products. Both CQ and Optiphen Cosmocil preferred because it is gentle and effectivePreservatives, no parabens and formaldehyde are not divided. Cosmocil CQ is commonly used in baby wipes and solutions for contact lenses. CQ INCI Cosmocil water polyaminopropyl biguanide and the INCI name is Optiphen phenoxyethanol, glycol Caprylyl. creams and lotions and some commercial businesses are sometimes filled with condoms to stay fresh for a long period. Without preservatives to prolong the life of the cream, and get rid of bacteria helpBut sometimes, a condom, and the problems of unhealthy skin used. Some commonly used preservatives or parabens or formaldehyde. Germaben (INCI: Propylene glycol, Diazolidinyl urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben), Liquid Germall Plus (INCI: propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea, carbamate, Iodopropynl) LiquaPar Optima (INCI: phenoxyethanol, methyl-isopropyl-paraben, isobutylparaben, Butylparaben ) and Phenonip (INCI: phenoxyethanol, methylparaben,Ethylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben) parabens preservatives.

· Oil essential and fragrance oils: There is much controversy these days, phthalates, fragrance oils and creams, the body because most of the fragrance oils added. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that the study did not assess the phthalates in toys and toy manufacturers remove phthalatessoft rattles and teethers, to continue his investigation. ( /). The essential oils of herbs and flowers, of course, but there are some that are not used on the skin (eg clove oil). In addition, certain essential oils, avoiding the sun, and if you are pregnant. Some people, you smell of essential oils, or skin irritation.

If you see a product new skin care, try a small amount of the inner arm, if irritationrecommended. They are sensitive or irritation, use of space and vegetable oil, water and dry not to reduce irritation.

A good hand and body lotion on vegetable oils and butter, but not necessarily contain a large number of them. This is not for the rich ingredients to work. If the cream is flavored with essential oils or use unscented or scented with essential oils for you. They should not be a skin creamSticky and can easily be applied several times a day, if necessary, especially if you frequently wash their hands.

If you are looking for a quality product and personal care, research and read the label on the order of the list of ingredients is important. The ingredients are listed in descending order, if the first part of the hand and body cream, sunflower oil, for example, a greater quantity of oil, the otherIngredients.

African healers, shea butter for thousands of years and know the burns, stretch marks and drought for many years, the natural oils from the skin, because these vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins. To quench your thirst, dry skin and skin young and healthy as you deserve, and that the nature and find moisturizing hand and body lotion is an old remedy.

Hand & Body Lotion - clears the thirst of the skin

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